Is tantra right for me?

Only you can decide if tantra is right for you. Let’s first talk about what tantra actually is… 

When Western cultures think of tantra, they are actually thinking of neo-tantra. Traditional tantra refers to various ancient Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain religious practices, all centered around seeking full spiritual awakening. We don’t actually know what true tantra is, as it is an ancient practice that is only passed on directly from guru to guru. Neo-tantra was inspired by traditional tantra, but it is not truly Tantra. Neo-tantra focuses on sacred sexuality and healing through sensuality.

In Sanskrit, the word tantra mean “to weave.” The practice of “tantra” is to weave the diving into everyday life. Practicing “tantra” leads you on the path to liberation, providing new perspective for your heart and soul. 

I believe that everyone and everything is connected through energy. In my sessions I channel the energy where it needs to go to help you feel more connected with yourself and with the divine. My practice is not true tantra, but a mix of various techniques and principles I have learned to form my own unique practice. Every moment of your life is divine. My practice can help you feel that connection. 

What do you want to work on in your life? What do you need clarity on? What in your life is already good that you want to grow and make better? Whatever you are seeking, my practice can help you find. You do not need to have any knowledge on “tantra” or any of it’s inspired practices to book a session. My knowledge and intuition will guide the journey.

I’ve listed some areas in which my practice can be used, but the list is truly endless. 

Connecting with yourself/ Connecting your mind, body, and spirit
Love/ Relationships
Restoring Energy
Finding your voice
Prolonging Release
Full body Release
Ancestral Trauma
Finding your life path
Strengthening your spirituality