Stamford, CT
Monday, March 4th
Thursday, March 28th

Chicago, IL
Downtown/Gold Coast
Monday, March 11th | 6pm-8pm
Tuesday, March 12th | 10am-8pm
Wednesday, March 13th | 10am-8pm
Suburbs/Oak Brook area
Thursday, March 14th | 5pm-8pm
Friday, March 15th | 10am-8pm
Saturday, March 16th | 10am-8pm

Minneapolis, MN
Sunday, March 17th | 12pm-8pm
Monday, March 18th | 10am-8pm
Tuesday, March 19th | 10am-8pm
Wednesday, March 20th | 10am-12pm

*It is highly recommended to pre-book all appointments (at least the day prior), especially anything before 12pm.

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