I invite you to open yourself up to receive the divine gifts I have to offer. For the best connection and experience, allow yourself to release control. Immerse yourself in my vibration, and you’ll be amazed at the overwhelming warmth of my art.

I offer sacred tantric touch, healing, and guidance. No other services are provided or implied. If additional services are asked for, communication or the session will be ended.

Inappropriate language or behavior is never acceptable; in person or over the phone or text.

Sessions with me are all about you receiving the divine gifts I have to offer. I do not offer mutual touch. Any disrespect of my boundaries with not be tolerated.

I welcome individuals and couples of all genders and orientations.

I encourage you to arrive with a sober mind and body. Any substances that have been ingested can hinder energy flow.

I will respect your time, and ask that you respect mine. Please be punctual for your session and clearly communicate any issues that may arise.

Testimonials can be sent directly to my email address and will be posted anonymously (with your approval). Please refrain from using public review boards. They are disrespectful in principle.